A while ago I read this book, A Single Thread, by Tracy Chevalier, one of my favourite authors. It's about the life of a single woman (one of the so-called surplus women) in the 1930s in England. Embroidery and bellringing are important themes. It's beautifully written, and very thought-provoking - I highly recommend it. 

I had just finished a big crochet project (the Up North Cardigan) and reading this book made me want to give embroidery a go. Not cross stitch, which is what is featured in the book, but modern hand embroidery. I found some muslin fabric and a hoop in my stash, bought some floss, and got started on a Lone Star, my favourite quilt pattern (I used to be a quilter and have made quite a few Lone Star quilts).

As soon as I had finished that one, I started a new embroidery project. This time it's a Kombi Van (I dream of having one someday):

I'm really enjoying my new hobby and can't wait to start the next project. I haven't decided what to make yet - I have so many ideas, it's hard to choose!