Running along

It's been a good week for running so far - and it's not over yet! On Monday I did my longest run of the year to date: 15 km. I ran to Broadbeach and back. It went well and has landed me my third Pop!Art Series medal! I hope it will arrive soon.

On Wednesday I did an interval training in my snazzy new shirt that goes really well with my speedy shoes.

And today I did a long slow run to Main Beach and Southport.

I saw the sun come up...

And discovered some streeat art in Southport:

The fact that I made so many photos should tell you something about the run... If the running is going really well I don't stop to take pictures. So it didn't go that well today, but it got done.

Tomorrow we are off to the Sunshine Coast for a week's holiday. I'm looking forward to some running there!