My running diaries

The book I used when I started running back in October 2016, Run for Life by Sam Murphy, advised to keep a running diary and record every training session. I've always loved to write down stuff, so was happy to do this. At the time I happened to have this gorgeous recycled book from FoundnBound lying around, and thought it would be perfect for this purpose - getting to running 5k for me was definitely like climbing Mount Everest!

I filled this diary between October 2016 and 27 February 2019. In it is every run I did in that period, including the first time I ran 20 minutes nonstop, my first 5k, my first running event, my first 10k, my first trail run and my first 50 parkruns. So much fun to reread all those highlights! (of course the injuries and setbacks are also recorded)

On March 2nd, 2019, I started my second running diary (bought from this Etsy shop). I thought the Roosevelt quote was quite fitting! This one contains my first half marathon and my first (and so far only) sub-30 5k, stories about running in Paris, but also the saga of my broken toe.
I filled the last page on May 30th, so have now started my third running diary:

This one is from Melbourne-based Etsy shop Diagonal Horizon

One of the first things to be recorded in this diary was the fact that after my run on Saturday I reached the Northern Territory border on Run Down Under. I have now covered about one quarter of my journey around Australia - only another eight years to go!

And yesterday I recorded my longest run of 2020 so far - 14k! I ran again from Miami to Burleigh, enjoying a spectacular sunrise along the way.

Next week there's a 15k run on my training schedule, so I'm hoping to earn the third medal of the Pop!Art Series then...