Medal Monday

With no running events for the foreseeable future I've turned to virtual events, like yesterday's Griffith Sport Logan Fun Run Virtual 10k, to add to my nonvirtual collection of bling ;-)

The Griffith medal will hopefully be here before next Monday, but today I can show off these two awesome medals. They are part of the Pop! Art Series from Heart & Soles Running. I signed up for the 5k medal when I started running again after my toe fracture, and for the 10k medal once I completed the 5k and set my sights on the 10k. I ran 10k on the 25th of April, but it took a while for the medal to arrive (Australia Post is very busy at the moment).

There are two more medals in this series; one for 15k and one for 20k, and I am determined to earn both of these as well, though I will take my time in getting there (and of course, once I am back at running 20k I will also run a little bit further and complete a half marathon - I still have to find a virtual event for that!) The four medals together form a square, which I think is pretty cool.

My gorgeous medal display is finally filling up a bit!