parkrun 68

Yesterday I was planning to run my first sub-30 minute parkrun. After my 30.01 parkrun in July and my sub-30 minute 5k at Bridge to Brisbane in August I knew I could do it. I had prepared well (interval and strength training), slept well, arrived early at Paradise Point parkrun, and done a warming-up run (which I don't always do). I was on track in the first 2 km (1st k in 6:05, 2nd in 5:52), feeling strong, running easily...

... and then, after 2.4k, a runner in front of me tripped over a dog without a leash that crossed the path (not a parkrundog!) and fell. Well, you can't really keep on running when someone goes down, can you? (especially if you have a medical background). So another lady and I stayed with her to make sure she wasn't seriously hurt (she had hit her head when she fell), walked with her for a bit, and then started jogging again.

So no PB for me - but I still finished in a reasonable time (33:59), and at least this time I had enough energy left to smile at the photographer at the finish!

That sub-30 minute parkrun will happen on another Saturday. Not next week though, because then I will be tail walker at my home parkrun, Surfers Paradise. My 25th time volunteering - can't wait to wear the purple cape!