Nambour parkrun

Our youngest son had a ballroom dancing competition in the Susnshine Coast Hinterland today, so we decided to drive up on Friday afternoon, stay in an Airbnb and do the Nambour parkrun on Saturday morning before the comp!

I have long wanted to do Nambour - it's supposed to be one of the hardest parkruns in Australia; a very hilly trailrun. Also: an N for the parkrun alphabet. And last but not least: Fluffy, the resident emu!

I did see Fluffy this morning but didn't get any photos of him - these are from the Facebook page.

The photos below are mine. The parkrun is awesome; going up and down hills, crossing a stream:

I found it quite challenging and was happy with my time of 41:52. It was my 65th parkrun, 21st different location and 13th letter of the alphabet!

Our son and his partner did very well at the competition, taking home four first places, three second places and two third places for the nine events they danced!

This was their last competition in the Recreational category; they now enter the Amateur C Grade category. The next competition is on August 31st in Sydney.